I am Accountable hardcover

Ten Choices That Create Deeper Meaning in Your Life, Your Organization, and Your World

The secret to creating a meaningful life lies in creating accountable relationships…and the secret to an accountable relationship lies in our choices and our commitments.

What if you could transform your relationship with yourself, your family and friends, your colleagues and clients, and your larger community through the power of commitment? What if ten simple choices enabled you to enhance your leadership skills, improve your organizational culture, and make a local, national, or even global impact?

In I Am Accountable, renowned speaker and consultant Sam Silverstein explains how accountability is the secret to filling your life with more meaning, more success, and more joy—and it all starts with your mindset. In order to create a truly meaningful life, we must first accept that the problem is never other people. “The real problem,” Sam Silverstein maintains, “is what we believe about other people.”

Silverstein’s new book shows why everything we have been taught about accountability is wrong. Contrary to popular belief, accountability is not a way of doing. Accountability is a way of thinking. It is how we think about ourselves and others. And it is the highest form of leadership.

The secret to creating accountable relationships, and elevating the personal benchmark that Silverstein calls The Accountability Index™, lies in making ten critical choices that support an accountable mindset. I Am Accountable offers a comprehensive plan to help you establish and leverage that mindset, deepen commitments, create lasting meaning in your life and relationships, transform the culture within your organization, and foster lasting positive change in the world.

In Sam’s new book, I Am Accountable, you will learn…

  • The secret of building a truly accountable, meaningful life—a secret that distinguishes followers from leaders.
  • The ten choices that make accountability a daily reality in any relationship.
  •  How to use accountability to inspire others, deepen commitments, support high-performing teams, and create highly competitive organizations…in any economy.
  • How to leverage the “Second Ripple” to expand accountability into your life, your workplace, and the larger world.