The Theory of Accountability paperback


You may think you know what this familiar

formula means, but until you read Sam Silverstein’s breakthrough book, you will not know its true power or its potential. This is the Accountability Formula™ , and it forms the heart of the Theory of Accountability™ .

Silverstein’s Theory of Accountability has nothing to do with physics, the speed of light, or the relationship between space and time. It has everything to do with personal and organizational growth, and with establishing the kind of leadership in your own life that makes excuses a thing of the past…and inspires true commitment from others.

The Theory of Accountability states: Our lived EXPERIENCE is the direct result of our MINDSET and our COMMITMENT SQUARED.

Silverstein’s new book examines each of these critical elements in depth, and shows you how to leverage the power of accountability to create a sustainable high-performance life and organization.

Sam’s latest book offers leaders a proven system for taking control of your life and transforming yourself and your organization…by harnessing the awesome power of accountability.