CAA Program Participant and License Agreement

By signing where indicated below, you agree that, upon approval of your Application and your acceptance as a participant in the Certified Accountability Advisor™  Program (the “Program”), by The Accountability Institute LLC (the “Company” or “we/us”) this Certified Accountability Advisor Program Participant and License Agreement (the “Agreement”) will become a binding contract between you and the Company and determines all your rights and obligations as a participant in the Program.  By signing below, you acknowledge that you have read, agree to, accept, and will abide by all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.

Upon acceptance into the Program, you agree to pay a first-year certification and individual licensing fee of $10,000.00 USD. (“Fee”) You may pay the Fee in one lump sum payment; or (ii) you may select a payment plan selected at time of purchase ($2500 initiation and $750 per month starting in the second month for the remaining 11 months). All sales tax assessed in your jurisdiction will be added to your payment(s). You authorize the Company to charge your credit card, or electronic payment as payment, for your participation in the Program, and/or to timely pay all amounts invoiced to you by the Company on the payment terms set forth on such invoice. Once billed no refunds are given with the exception of our Crystal-Clear Guarantee. We may terminate this Agreement, remove you from the Program, and/or revoke your certification as Certified Accountability Advisor™ if your payments are not timely received. Furthermore, you agree that if you are accepted into the Program, you are responsible for the full payment of fees for the entire Program, whether you attend or complete the Program, whether you attain certification and whether you have selected a lump sum or monthly payment plan. If your certification has been revoked due to non-payment, we may reinstate your certification upon payment of all monies due. We also reserve the right to require you to demonstrate proficiency in the necessary skills and, if necessary, to complete remedial training, prior to reinstating your certification.

The Crystal Clear Guarantee states that if within 30 days of joining the Program you attend a quick-start program given by the Company and you submit all of the exercises and work requested during the quick-start program; if at the end of the last day of the quick-start program you feel that the Company has not delivered all of the value promised, then you may request a refund of money paid the company. Refund will be made upon the company receiving the start-up kit/materials, which must take place within 15 days of requesting the refund.

To maintain your certification as a Certified Accountability Advisor™ you further agree to pay the annual certification and individual licensing fee each year, due on the anniversary date of your Certification. The annual certification will auto-renew unless the Company is notified 30 days in advance. The current annual certification and individual licensing is $7,500.00 USD one-time payment or $750.00 USD monthly, and you agree that this fee and the terms of Program Participant and License Agreement may change from time to time at Company’s discretion. You will automatically be billed for recertification beginning in the second year based on your current payment method unless otherwise notified.

In the event you fail to maintain your annual certification, all limited licenses in the Company Material (as defined in this Agreement) shall be immediately revoked and you shall immediately return all material to the Company. Further, you will immediately cease using the Certified Accountability Advisor™ title/designation and will remove all references thereto from all your materials.

We are committed to providing all Program participants with a positive Program experience. By signing below, you agree that the Company may, at its sole discretion, (1) terminate the Certified Accountability Advisor™ Program in its entirety  or (2) terminate this agreement, and limit, suspend, or terminate your participation in the Program, without refund or forgiveness of remaining monthly payments if we determine, at our sole discretion, that you are disruptive or difficult to work with, you fail to follow the Program guidelines, or you impair the participation of Program instructors or of other participants in the Program.

Upon completion of the Program, and the demonstrated proficiency in the necessary skills, (in the Company’s sole discretion) you may be certified as a Certified Accountability Advisor™. Your certification, if earned, will be issued by the Company. Maintaining your certification in good standing requires you to fulfill all membership and continuing education requirements as periodically determined by the Company. It is understood that the criteria for maintaining Certification may change from time to time, and that the program materials may be modified as determined solely by the Company. You also understand that there is no guaranty that participation in program will result in your certification.

By participating in the program, and it’s related online and in-person meetings you grant to the Company and to its officers, employees, agents, and assignees, the right to use photographs, video/audio impressions, and/or transcriptions of me recorded at the Accountability Summit™, and to use the photographs and my voice and picture, silhouette, and other reproductions of physical likeness and class-related work (including any still image, videotapes image, CD-ROMS, DVDs and/or other analog or digital means), in connection with or as part of any presentation , program, publication, product, transmission or other professional endeavor in which the same may be used or incorporated, and also in the advertising, and/or publicizing of any such analog or digital works or their content, in perpetuity.  I understand that these images/sounds may be used for commercial, educational, or informational purposes.   I waive all rights of copyright or ownership in or the resulting commercial or educational and informational materials in which I appear and acknowledge no monetary or other compensation is provided in exchange for waiving this right.

Work may be done on your behalf in an educational portal. The Company has allocated up to 3 hours of time to complete those projects. Any additional time required by you, or members of your team will be billed at the then current rate for such technical support. The current rate is $125/hour.

We respect your privacy and must insist that you respect the privacy of fellow Program participants. By signing below, you agree not to violate the publicity or privacy rights of any Program participant. We respect your confidential and proprietary information, ideas, plans and trade secrets (collectively “Confidential Information”) and must insist that you respect the same of fellow Program participants and of the Company. Any clients of the Company that you work with or other Certified Accountability Advisors™ work with remain clients of the company and you will not solicit them in any way during or after your participation in the Certified Accountability Advisor™ program. As you will have access to other Certified Accountability Advisors™, we also must insist that you not market yourself or solicit the provision of services to other Certified Accountability Advisors™.

The Company maintains ownership of all intellectual property content and rights to it material (“Material”). As a Certified Accountability Advisor™ you are licensed (on a non-exclusive basis) during the term to use the Company’s content to fulfill your duties. It is expressly agreed that there is no transfer of ownership of any the Company’s proprietary materials or intellectual property. You are granted a limited, revocable license for the use of the Company’s Materials non-exclusively as provided herein. All other rights are expressly reserved by the Company. The Materials are protected in whole and/or in part by copyright laws, trademark laws, and international treaty provisions. All title and copyrights in and to the Materials, including but not limited to any images, photographs, animations, video, audio, music, text, electronic applications, and accompanying printed materials incorporated into the Materials and any copies of Materials are owned by the Company. No one is authorized to copy any audio, video, lesson, or Materials without the prior written consent of the Company. You shall not print any materials that are delivered to you in electronic form without the express written approval from the Company. In the event your desire Company materials in written/hard copy form, the same must be ordered and purchased from the Company. You shall not modify or create a derivative work of the Material without the prior written permission of the Company. Any modifications by You to or of the Material, or derivative creations based on the Material shall be the sole and exclusive property of The Company unless waived in writing by the Company. If violated, the Company may commence civil action seeking monetary damages, attorneys’ fees, injunctive relief, and, in appropriate circumstances, criminal prosecution, with all reasonable legal and attorneys’ fees to be paid by the infringer and/or third parties.

By signing below, you agree (1) not to infringe on any Program participant’s or the Company’s copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other property rights, (2) that any Confidential Information shared by Program participants or any representative of the Company is confidential and proprietary and belongs solely and exclusively to the participant who discloses it, or to the Company, (3) not to disclose Confidential Information to any other person or use it in any manner other than in discussion with other Program participants during Program sessions, (4) that all Materials and information provided to you by the Company are its confidential and proprietary property, belonging solely and exclusively to the Company, and may only be used by you only as expressly authorized by the Company, (5) that the reproduction, distribution and/or sale of materials containing Confidential Information or other materials provided to you by the Company is strictly prohibited, and (6) that all property and materials of the Company are for use only in your work as Certified Accountability Advisor™ with your one-on-one clients or group program participants and these materials may not be printed, duplicated or used for any other purpose (including to train others) and may not be distributed or presented to any other person, publicly or privately (including by sharing electronically or posting on the internet).

To be clear, the Materials and/or tools provided you in this certification program may be used only by you personally (not by any company or organization you are associated with) in your work as a Certified Accountability Advisor™ for one-on-one, or small group counseling with your clients. You may NOT share, train, or otherwise distribute any of these materials in any form with prospects, colleagues, groups, or any person who has not formally engaged you for your Certified Accountability Advisor™ services (ongoing or project based). You may not Remove any copyright and/or logo from provided Company Materials, claim yourself as a Company representative in any other capacity than a Certified Accountability Advisor™, change, modify, edit, transfer to another format, add to, or alter in any way Company Materials without the express written consent of the Company, use the Company logo in any way aside from on provided Company materials, make any statement or representation that would suggest or state that you are employed by the Company or is otherwise an agent for the Company.

You may not teach The Accountability Advisor content in keynotes, unless the Certified Accountability Advisor content accounts for 10 percent or less of content of the keynote speech, without prior written approval by the Company. You are specially not authorized to train or attempt to certify others in the Certified Accountability Advisor program. You also understand that as part of your service to each of your clients you must provide at least one book from the company to each student and that no book purchased from the Company is returnable for any reason. (Books shall be purchased at the Company’s then listed price.) You also understand that you are required to learn the operation of the Certified Accountability Advisor™ website, apps and online marketing at your sole expense and time.   

Further, by signing below, you agree that if you violate, or if we believe you are about to violate, any of the terms or obligations in this agreement, the Company will be entitled, in addition to all remedies at law and damages, to injunctive relief to prohibit any such violations and/or to protect against the harm actually resulting or likely to result from such violations.

You further agree that this Agreement, all transactions, or other interactions between and among us will be governed by the laws of the State of Missouri without regard to its conflict or choice of law provisions. Any dispute with the Company, or its officers, directors, employees, agents, or affiliates, arising under or in relation to this Agreement will be resolved exclusively through, and any legal action shall be brought in the state courts located in St Louis County, Missouri.

The limited rights you are granted hereunder are not assignable or transferable absent the express written consent of The Company. Any unauthorized transfer or assignment or attempt to transfer or assign will be deemed void.

We have made every effort to accurately represent the Program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that you will achieve the same or comparable results. Each individual’s success depends on many factors, including his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. By signing below, you acknowledge that, as with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money because of your participation in the Program. The Company does not guaranty you any leads of clients as a Certified Accountability Advisor™. By signing below, you also acknowledge that you have represented to the Company that payment of your Program fees will not place a significant financial burden on you or your family. The Program instructors are not qualified to provide legal, tax, accounting or financial advice, and the information provided to you by the Company and/or the Program instructors is not intended and should not be construed or relied upon as such. You should refer all legal, tax, accounting, and financially related inquiries to appropriately qualified professionals.

Updated July 14, 2023