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Are you a consultant that gets good results but you feel like you’re winging it? You feel like you’re following your gut and intuition but that is only getting you so far? You feel, you know, you sense that if you worked with a clearer methodology, a clearer framework, you would get even better results with your clients, even faster, leading you to more lucrative projects, longer-term projects, more renewals, more referrals, and ultimately greater profits?   

Deliver a unique message of accountable leadership to your clients and help them transform their lives and their organizations. The Certified Accountability Advisor™ program will position you to deliver a powerful message that connects accountability, great leadership, and a powerful, sustainable workplace culture. 

When you become a member of The Accountability Institute™ you will have immediate access to the finest development materials, proven structures, implementable systems, and assessment tools aimed at one goal, to create accountability in every person and at every level of an organization that you work with.

Experiences of Some Certified Accountability Advisors™

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Some of Sam's Clients


How long will it take to earn my certification?

There are approximately 10 hours of instructional videos in core competency material. Our player is designed to allow you to watch the video in real time or up to 2X speed. This will enable you to find a comfortable pace to watch the videos. There are numerous exercises designed to allow you to work with the material, understand it at a deeper level, apply it to your life and business and prepare you to lead critical conversations with your clients. The time necessary to work through those exercises will be individually bases.

Do I get personal assistance?

You bet! We have weekly office hours 36 weeks out of the year (we do enjoy our holiday and vacation time and want you to also 😀) where we discuss the material you will engage in. We talk about how to best use the development sessions with clients. We discuss new and current ideas with regards to accountability. This all happens with Sam Silverstein and other coaches.

Once you become a Certified Accountability Advisor™ you will be brought into Sam’s Accountability Circle which is a powerful monthly call with Sam and other CAAs.

What tools and resources will I have access to?

This is almost a trick question because the list of tools and resources is ever-expanding. Currently, all CAAs have access to incredibly powerful development tools and programs to utilize with their clients.

  1. No Matter What … The Ten Commitment of Accountability

This is a 12-module, 90-minute session development program that includes in-depth facilitation guides, gorgeous PowerPoint, and participant workbooks

  1. Pivot! … Three Big Questions That:
    • Reframe Your Perspective
    • Maximize Your Potential
    • And Improve Your Life

This is a 6 module online course ready for you to facilitate with your clients. This can be used to create and kick-start peer groups should you be interested in that.

  1. The Theory of Accountability … Building a Truly Accountable, High-Performance, High-Growth Life for Yourself and Your Organization

This is a 9-module, 90-minute session development program that includes in-depth facilitation guides, gorgeous PowerPoint, and participant workbooks

  1. The Accountability Advantage

Design a sustainable, high-performance culture to build stronger businesses, communities, and people

This is a 10-module, 90-minute session development program that includes in-depth facilitation guides, gorgeous PowerPoint, and participant workbooks

This development aims to identify, create, and sustain the ideal workplace culture. The Values Discovery Exercise™ helps facilitate a conversation to identify and define a powerful set of organizational values. In conjunction with our culture assessment tool, The Culture Audit™, which measures accountability (The Accountability Index®) in an organization, you can use this course to help any organization understand how to create, lead, and sustain its culture.

5.The Culture Audit™

Our organizational culture assessment tool is available in 20 languages. It not only analysis and measures what is and is not working in a workplace culture but measures accountability using our propriety metrics. This powerful tool generates a very in-depth executive report complete with easy to understand dashboard, detailed information on the 15 areas the audit measures, and a custom action plan for you to help your clients to impliment.

Additional Resources Available To You:

  • An online course portal for you to use with your clients. This portal comes with multiple development courses you can use with your clients.
  • The Values Discovery Exercise™ full day program. Lead a team of people within an organization on a highly interactive, fun, thought provoking experience that will define the workplace culture and bring the team together.
    Sam’s complete library of books are available to you at a significant discount. These become great learning tools for your client.
  • Building Your Coaching Business – Training course to help you grow your business

And much more!

How can I use these materials to generate revenue and grow my business?

We see coaches and consultants that use our powerful content to help them successfully drive transformation with their clients. Either they are supporting content that they already have or they are focusing more exclusively on teaching accountability an culture development.

What is The Culture Audit™?

The Culture Audit™ is the instrument we use to diagnose what is going on inside an organization through the eyes of their workplace culture.


This tool is something that clients pay for and they receive a detailed executive report. Clients can utilize this culture audit year after year so that they can chart their progress. But, it’s not just about making a sale. This tool shows where your clients need to focus and the challenges they need to fix. This is a great way to create the need and the basis of a long-term relationship with a client.

This organizational culture assessment tool is available in 20 languages. Not only can it be used around the world, with multi-national organizations, but it is great for organizations where there are several languages spoken on the production floor or in the warehouse.


Upon achieving your certification you gain access to this valuable instrument. (There is a per use cost for this specific tool but you will be able to sell it for a nice profit and deliver great value to your clients.)

Can I only use my certification in the country I reside?

As a coach, consultant, or speaker your certification is good anywhere you have clients. We have development clients around the world and we do not want to limit your growth potential.

Are development/training courses designed to be delivered in-person?

All of the development resources that you have access to can be used in person or virtually. One of the programs, Pivot!, is an online course that you can facilitate in a virtual setting or in a face-to-face setting. You have total flexibility in how to work with your clients.

Is there a community?

Become a part of a select community of peers that work together to grow personally and professionally. Plus, you will be in Sam’s personal Accountable Circle. These powerful meetings will inspire and propel you forward. You will discover a dynamic group of like-minded professionals who help each other scale up both professionally and personally.

Samples of Presentation Resources Available To You

Build a Truly Accountable,
High-Performance, High-Growth Life for Yourself, Your Organization,
and Your Clients!

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